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5 Benefits of AllCore 360º Therapy

AllCore 360º is a state-of-the-art system designed to challenge, correct, and strengthen your core like never before. This system targets every muscle in the core because of its specialized motion and rotation. Instead of relying on muscle shortening, like crunches and other manual core exercises; AllCore trains your core muscles while maintaining an upright, rigid posture.

The team at Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center helps patients with a comprehensive blend of traditional therapies, combined with cutting-edge technology. This helps our patients achieve optimal results, with the precision and efficiency of modern medical advancements. If you are interested in learning more about this technology, or any of our other services, call our office for more information.

Benefits of the AllCore 360º System

What makes the AllCore 360º system so revolutionary? If you are curious about AllCore 360º and the benefits that go along with it, this article will give you all the information you need!

AllCore 360º Is No Impact

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about training your core is laying on a hard floor, causing more damage than good. AllCore 360º is a no-impact system, meaning there are no sudden, jarring, or jolting sensations or physical impacts of any kind. This system enables you to engage 50+ core muscles with isometric contractions to stimulate and strengthen the body in 360 degrees in only 10 minutes sessions.

Highly Effective

How does AllCore 360º manage to target the core so well? The key is the angular tilt that activates your core, forcing you to work to keep your torso upright. As the machine begins to rotate, muscles throughout the core will experience variable levels of intensity as more emphasis is placed on those regions. This system positively impacts core stability, balance, and coordination to build strength, improve your balance and increase endurance.

What are deep core muscles? They are the main structures that provide support and stability to your spine. These muscles are hidden underneath the superficial core muscles that people typically train. These deep core muscles include the: 

  • Transverse abdominals
  • Multifidus
  • Diaphragm
  • Pelvic floor
  • and many others.

When these deep core muscles are underutilized, imbalanced or compromised, your spine is not fully supported by its normal muscle corset, making it vulnerable to injury and chronic pain.

AllCore 360º is Customizable

AllCore 360º is Customizable

The AllCore360° is adjustable to multiple degrees of difficulty, allowing for recovery or training at any level. This means that your training can progress through increasingly challenging levels and offer continued improvements with each session. As for those with developed cores, such as athletes, the more challenging levels still offer significant benefits and training can be geared towards other fitness aspects such as:

  • Coordination Development: muscles that fire together wire together; this means that training these core muscles to work together will create neural pathways that train muscle memory and coordinated strength for optimal stability. After as little as 3 sessions your neurons thicken and develop improved coordination
  • Correct Muscular Imbalances: Imbalances can be identified and trained to balance out front to back, right or left-sided, turning or rotational inequalities.

Highly Accessible

While it’s still important to consult with professionals about whether or not AllCore 360º is right for you, the fact remains that it is highly accessible for the majority of people. 

The baseline qualifier for this therapy is being able to sit. There are no mobility requirements other than being able to get into the AllCore 360º chair.

Great For Your Posture

Your posture starts and ends with the core. It provides stability and structure to your spine, pelvis, ribs, and shoulders. Exercising your core remains the best way to strengthen and improve your posture. The AllCore 360º is designed to strengthen your entire core isometrically by forcing you to hold your body in perfect posture throughout 10 revolutions.

AllCore 360º Therapy Available in Delaware Valley, PA

If you would like to learn more about the AllCore 360º system used at Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center, call our office to speak with a member of our team, or come in for an initial consultation to determine if this therapy is right for your needs! 

Call our office to speak with a representative from our team or schedule a consultation online today! 


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