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Pennsylvania's Leader In Traumatic Brain Injury & Concussion Treatment

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Learn About Concussion

Specialists in Concussion Rehabilitation

Welcome to HOPE Brain & Body Recovery Center

We promise to provide you with the best treatment for concussion and traumatic brain injury possible in accordance with our capabilities, training, education and experience. We’re dedicated to doing absolutely everything we can to help you recover 

Dr. Joseph Schneider, the founder of Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center, isn’t just another doctor. Dr. “Joe” is also a patient! He continues to miraculously recover from a severe stroke in 2017 thanks to the support of his family, his colleagues in Chiropractic Functional Neurology and his decades of experience treating thousands of neurological cases.

Yes, There is Even “Hope” For You

If you’re like the majority of our patients, you have already been through some kind of treatment. You didn’t have a good outcome, though. Your doctor (or doctors) told you, “there’s nothing else that can be done”. We find that prognosis is rarely true.

AllCore 360º

The AllCore 360º is designed to stimulate every core muscle to deliver rehabilitation and long-term performance for users of virtually all abilities


GyroStim is a computer-controlled, fully automated, interactive, multi-axis rotational chair. It provides powerful and precise data-driven exercises

Brain Specific Rehabilitation

Clinical Neuroscience - Any disorder or disease, causing brain dysfunction needs to be addressed with Brain Specific Rehabilitation


Neurofeedback is a tool that experts have developed to allow your brain to visualize the waves associated with thought processes.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine (Clinical Nutrition) is about building a complete profile of your health and fixing the issue at its source. Instead of the focus being all about the disease, our focus is on our patients as individuals and what is needed to restore their good health. It may mean taking a more holistic, lifestyle-based approach to resolving health concerns instead of over-the-counter medicine or suppressants.

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What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A Traumatic Brain Injury has been known as the invisible injury for many years but is now getting the recognition it deserves. TBI’s are diagnosed in a spectrum from the most debilitating head injuries that result in death or paralysis, all the way to mild concussions that result in temporary symptoms.

Regardless of the extent of the injury, a TBI can cause PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and CHEMICAL symptoms. Physical symptoms are headaches, dizziness, and muscle pains. Emotional symptoms include irritability, depression, or lack of empathy, Chemical symptoms include confusion, brain fog, and fatigue.

TBI & Concussion Treatment

Dr. Joseph Schneider and Dr. Robert Waterson are specialists that recognize and treat each TBI/concussion with pinpoint accuracy. The success of each patient starts from the unique care plan that is built from the extensive diagnostic process. It is often said that the patient knows the most about their injury.

Dr. Joseph Schneider has been treating patients with concussions for decades. Each Patient recovers and resumes life and even performs better than before the accident. Dr. Robert Waterson played football through the collegiate level and knows what it feels like to be a concussion patient without help. He has devoted his career to making patients feel at home at Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center.

The Risks of Not Seeking ConcussionTreatment

Research is showing that brain injury sustained early in life – especially if left untreated or undertreated – increases a person’s risk of developing dementia sooner as they age. For example, think about the recent news regarding athletes who sustain those hard hits during practice and on the field and the issues they are experiencing later in life.

Have your TBI/Concussion Diagnosed Today

The diagnostics process is a quantifiable method to analyze neurological function using a plethora of cutting-edge technologies. Diagnostics equipment includes CAPS vestibular balance, Neurolign, Righteye, Cambridge Brain Sciences, Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG), and accugraph. The whole diagnostic process and analysis takes 5-6 hours.

TBI/Concussion Treatment in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

If you have unanswered questions about TBI/concussions and its treatment methods, or would like to take the first step towards an improved quality of life, reach out to the specialists at Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center today!

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