arrc LED

What is arrc LED?

The arrc LED is a full body light therapy device that utilizes LED, infrared, radio frequency, and Whole-body vibration technologies to aid, heal and improve the way you feel, think, look and preform for optimal health and wellbeing.

Why is arrc LED beneficial?

Feel better – NIH researchers have found that light therapy can release lower back pain, improve skin tone and thicken hair while it reduces inflammation, improves the microbiome and immunity, increases circulation and cellular energy. This increase in overall health can significantly improve how your mood and reduce unnecessary stress on the body.

Think better – in addition to overall improved bodily wellbeing reducing stress on the brain allowing for clearer thinking. CTE’s and TBI seem to respond well to Near Infrared energies in the brain. Numerous reports of veterans with PTSD have been reported as well as cases where Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease sufferers improving to the point where they can again speak, recall and comprehend.

Look better – Numerous clinical trials show that skin tone improves with both thickening of the collagen layer and tightening of elastin. Users report accelerated recovery from eczema, acne, shingles, bruising and wounds. New studies are showing that Green LED Light Therapy is effective for bacterial and viral skin conditions.

Perform better – Athletic performance has been shown to be enhanced by photo biomodulation in all the right ways. Athletes in PBMt research seem to increase single rep maximum, total endurance and total reps within a given period of time. In addition, PBMt has been shown to protect the athlete from the mechanical damage that occurs during competition.

Do you know what your body can do when its cells are fully optimized? Rather than addressing injury, illness, or ailments, PEMF provides the body with the raw energy necessary to perform its incredible self-healing and self-regulating functions.

arrc LED in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

ARRC stands for Advanced Rejuvenation and Recovery Chambers and like Einstein, we firmly believe that the “Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies”. ARRC is the global leader in the application of frequency based augmentation to whole body photobiomodulation beds. Call our offices or book a consultation online to ARRC LED therapy is right for you!

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