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Virtualis Virtual reality training is used for balance rehabilitation, functional rehabilitation, and is used as a diagnostic tool. Virtual reality provides patients at Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center with sensory stimulation and real-time feedback during specific motor tasks in a virtual three-dimensional world.

” My experience with the Brain center is amazing. I was having bad dizziness, bad headaches after I get the aneurysm surgery. My eye was bad too, and the treatment the doctors do is amazing, I’m felling much, much better and my kids are very happy with it. All the doctors, the girls treat me with respect and love. All of them are very good. I definitely recommend Hope Brain center. Me and my family are very grateful for everything you guys did and are doing for me. “

Arlete Decampo, recovering from aneurysm surgery.

Benefits of Virtualis VR

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Brain-Specific Rehabilitation in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

If you or a loved one is suffering from a traumatic brain injury or a select neurological condition, Virtualis along with our other therapy options could be an excellent addition to your condition management and recovery process. Call our offices or book a consultation online to determine which therapy is right for you!

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