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Hope for Neurodegenerative Disorders in Pennsylvania

Slow the process of neurodegenerative disorders and significantly improve your quality of life. Talk with a Hope Brain and Body specialist today!

” Unfortunately, I have gone through 23 physicians and had not one physician say that they knew what was going on. All my symptoms are a little bit of everything. Now, I’ve been a changed person ever since. More than half of my pain is gone, I’m using a lot less pain medication, and I’m enjoying life much more than I thought I would be. “

Pattie, overcoming Parkinson’s disease.

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How can the Doctors and the Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center help?

Dr. Joseph Schneider

“We put a lot of time and effort into trying to make transformations in a big way or small way at each appointment for every patient. Transforming lives is what we do. I mean, we give people’s lives back.”

Dr. Joe Schneider | Founder and CEO

Despite the fact that neurodegenerative disorders are progressive much has been learned about slowing the process of these disorders and significantly improving the quality of life for patients and their families, who often serve as caregivers.

The Doctors will review all medical testing and results, cognitive and coordination assessments, nutritional and metabolic information, behavioral observations, and other data collected to date. Additional testing and assessments may be done to determine the exact rate and level of deterioration.

From this information the Doctors will formulate a treatment plan of brain health strategies designed to improve neuroplastic responses in several regions of the brain, support the brain and its neurons to function more efficiently and optimize the quality of life. These strategies might include changes in diet and exercise, the use of cognitive exercises, and the addition of dietary supplements.

The goals are to slow the disorder’s progression, strengthen the brain’s functioning relay and response channels, help the brain find alternate routes for ineffective or missing channels, and provide the patient the best quality of life possible.

Get Treatment for Neurodegenerative Disorders in Chadds Ford, PA

Our doctors will find the best treatment plan to fit your disorder and life. To learn more schedule a free consultation today!

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