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Any disorder or disease, causing brain dysfunction needs to be addressed with brain-specific rehabilitation. At Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center in Pennsylvania we can help you and your beloveds.

” She’s a fun energetic child and I am glad to see all that back, because as a parent you do worry when you see them kind of go into that slight depression and stuff like that. So, I am so glad that’s all back.”

Lily’s mother​ (concussion recovery).

What to expect

Consult and Examination

An opportunity to communicate with the doctors about previous treatments and medical records. The examination process is a thorough full body examination detailing all neurological, orthopedic, and visceral areas to magnify all underlying causes of symptoms.


The diagnostic is a quantifiable method to analyze neurological function using a plethora of cutting-edge technologies. Diagnostics equipment includes CAPS vestibular balance, Neurolign, Righteye, Cambridge Brain Sciences, Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG), and Accugraph. The whole diagnostic process and analysis can take 5-6 hours.


Treatment time and length vary based on the findings of the examination and diagnostics. Typical treatments last 1.5 hours and comprise of brain-specific exercises using Gyrostim, Neurosensory Integrator Touch Boards, Braincore Neurofeedback, Oxygen therapy, Erchonia Brain Lasers, etc.

Clinical Nutrition

If necessary the doctors can analyze metabolic states, food sensitivities, overall gut function, and any nutrition aspects by blood draws, urine samples, saliva samples, stool samples, etc.

Brain Specific Rehabilitation Encompasses a Multitude of Therapies:

In our patients words

Recovering from concussions

Other treatments

Brain-Specific Rehabilitation in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

If you or a loved one is suffering from a traumatic brain injury or a select neurological condition, Neurofeedback along with our other therapy options could be an excellent addition to your condition management and recovery process. Call our offices or book a consultation online to determine which therapy is right for you!


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