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Is There Even “Hope” For You?

If you’re like the majority of our patients, you have already been through some kind of treatment. You didn’t have a good outcome, though. Your doctor (or doctors) told you, “there’s nothing else that can be done”. We find that prognosis is rarely true.

How We Help

AllCore 360º System

Designed to stimulate every core muscle to deliver rehabilitation and long-term performance for users of virtually all abilities

Brain Specific Rehabilitation

Any disorder or disease, causing brain dysfunction needs to be addressed with brain-specific rehabilitation.


Neurofeedback is a tool developed by experts to allow your brain to visualize the waves associated with thought processes.

Neuropathy Treatment

Our Neuropathy Treatment is designed to improve sensation, reduce spasticity, improve your function, and decrease your pain.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition (Functional Medicine) is about building a complete profile of your health and fixing the issue at its source.

Chiropractic Care

The experts at Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center have years of experience in the field of chiropractics.

Weight Loss

At Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center we provide a range of body contouring therapy plans for our patients to choose from.


Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center is bringing revolutionary health care to your home, with telemedicine.

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