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If you’re like the majority of our patients, you have already been through some kind of treatment. You didn’t have a good outcome, though. Your doctor (or doctors) told you “there is nothing else that can be done”. We find that prognosis is rarely true.

Migraines and Headaches

Hope Brain and Body investigates headaches and migraines in depth in order to identify the cause and treat it.

” I first started I was in a lot of pain. I could barely do anything. I couldn’t even concentrate or think after coming to the center I feel a lot better. I’m actually able to work come home from work and do extra activities at home (…)”

Susan, recovering from migraines.


Each treatment plan at Hope Brain and Body is tailored to the individual patient’s needs and counts on a complete team of high-skilled professionals and high-tech resources.

“I was unable to walk probably more than 300 feet before. I had muscle cramps in my calf muscles. Now, after the many treatments that I’ve had, I’m able to grab the grocery cart and take off”

Howard, recovering from a Neuropathy


The team of Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center has years of experience helping patients with proactive measures to reduce the risk of stroke, as well as manage and recover from post-stroke symptoms and impairment.

“Seven months after I had a stroke affecting the right side of my body, I came to Hope Brain Center looking to speed my recovery (…) I was still in a wheelchair when I started. After about two weeks I had enough confidence to come in with a walker (…)”

Karen Adamo, recovering from a stroke

Chronic & Acute Pain

Our first and foremost goal is to alleviate some or all of your pain as quickly as possible, and many of our patients notice significant improvement after their first visit.

“Dr Joseph discovered that I was getting treated for migraines for 30 years… and didn’t even have migraines. I was misdiagnosed. It was actually a spine problem. He fixed it and as far as the pain is I bet 80% improved. I can sleep again”

Denise, recovering from acute pains

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Count on specialists that recognize and treat each TBI/concussion with pinpoint accuracy. The success of each patient starts from the unique care plan that is built from the extensive diagnostic process.

Jack was suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and post-concussion symptoms. Including migraines, brain fog, trouble focusing, and chronic headaches. We used one of our specialized approaches for treating Traumatic brain injury. Jack sustained these injuries from sports-related injuries, such as hockey.
Jack, Traumatic Brain Injury

Neurodevelopment Disorders

At Hope Brain and Body we have a successful treatment for neurodevelopmental disorders because we work under the three-pronged approach. We look at environmental, genetic and neurological causes for the condition.

“Dr. Joe can read people like a book the second you walk in. He just see the way your hand is moving – “Ah, that means this, this and this is wrong with you. We can fix that!” I didn’t even need to explain what was happening to me. He just figured it out.”

Anthony, recovering from dyslexia

Neurodegenerative Disorders

Start a treatment plan of brain health strategies designed to improve neuroplastic responses in several regions of the brain, support the brain and its neurons to function more efficiently and optimize the quality of life.

” Unfortunately, I have gone through 23 physicians and had not one physician say that they knew what was going on. All my symptoms are a little bit of everything. Now, I’ve been a changed person ever since. More than half of my pain is gone, I’m using a lot less pain medication, and I’m enjoying life much more than I thought I would be. “

Pattie, overcoming Parkinson’s disease.

Performance Enhancement

At Hope Brain Center, we recognize that peak performers use their brains’ resources quite differently than the average performer, particularly resources involved with timing, coordination, focus, and attention. 

” One of the hardest issues I had was anxiety… and so that kind of affected my sleep in a big way and we’ve got my sleep to become a lot better over these last couple of weeks…”

Dustin Fox, former football player


At our center, we collaborate with you to create a customized dysautonomia treatment plan that suits your unique needs. Our team of experts specialize in various areas to provide you with the support you require, regardless of whether dysautonomia is impacting your heart, digestion, brain, vision, or any other part of your body. Our doctors knowledge and experience with the cutting edge technologies will help you have the best possible outcome.


Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center is committed to providing top-notch customized care that you deserve. We have an experienced team and utilize diagnostics for your symptoms and history, so you can relax knowing that your health is our top priority. Let us help you find the root cause of your vertigo, dizziness and balance disorder. Our breakthrough care, which has assisted many patients without medications, might be the solution for you.

Chronic Lyme disease

After going through necessary treatments for Lyme, many people are left with the damaging effects of spirochete and the medical treatments, you are left with symptoms that are neurologicals and physical. You may consider a functional neurological and functional nutritional approach to finally relieve your post Lyme symptoms.

” Well, with the Lyme disease, I suffered from a lot of things. I had join pain, but the last effects that bothered me the most probably were foggy brain where you just can’t concentrate. When I met Dr. Joe he said the could heal me by doing some work with my brain, but it didn’t occur to me that there was permitted damage there that could actually be fixed. Now, I feel complete well. I don’t have any of the symptoms anymore. I am not taking any antibiotics.”

Susan, overcoming Lyme disease.

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