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Creating Peace and Goodwill During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be extremely overwhelming, but it’s important to focus on peace and goodwill. Find out how to manage stress and promote self care.

Reasons for Holiday Season Stress

1. Exceeding Expectations

The pressure to create the perfect holiday model and experiences can be stressful for individuals and families.

2. Financial Strain

Expenses associated with gift-giving and holiday activities can lead to financial stress and greater financial issues. If you can’t buy it twice don’t buy it at all. Your friends and family will still love you and what ever you get them.

3. Social Obligations

From office Christmas parties to Holiday event like like visiting Long Wood Garden we find our selves going many places to enjoy holiday scenery and festive gatherings. Before the holiday even arrives! Events can leave us feeling drained and stretched thin. Especially if you had a couple glasses of grandma’s special eggnog. 😉😉

4. Family Dynamics

Conflicts and tensions may arise when families come together during the holidays. Even more so when families don’t come together. In the last few years there have been many reasons as to why the holidays have been so stressful for everyone. Tension tends to rise.

The Importance of Peace and Goodwill

1. Emotional Wellbeing

Cultivating peace and goodwill contributes to our own happiness and mental health. We can be the holidays stress and the seasonal depression by spreading good energy to one another. Remain positive and do good towards others.

2. Positive Impact

Inspiring others around the holiday season can be very rewarding for ones self. When you are positive and make positive life impact on other, that same energy will gravitate and come back to you. Create a space of positivity with friends, family, strangers.

3. Strengthening Relationships

Take the extra time to talk to family members you may not usually have the chance to talk to. Show them that you notice them and care about them the same as you do the rest. Build and show interest in any topic of discussion.

Maintain Healthy Spine with Chiropractic: Brain Adjustments

  • Optimizing the brain through balanced proprioceptive inputs and symmetrical hemispheric activation
  • Looking into the main root issue that drives pain in our bodies and health issues associated.
  • The brain is the control grid for everything (specifically Prefrontal Cortex)
  • Dysfunction in the region can cause the issue to worsen and lose control causing all different kinds of ailments

The Impact of Stress on Individuals

1. Physical Health Effects

Ever wonder why the holiday season also bring about so much sickness? Not only is it cold and wet already putting our immune systems at risk but stress can weaken the immune system. This can lead to increased vulnerability to illness.

2. Mental and Emotional Strain

Feeling like you ran out of time to buy presents, maybe the present you ordered says delivery ETA is December 27th! Chronic stress can contribute to anxiety, depression, and overall decreased wellbeing.

3. Decreased Productivity

That feeling of not wanting to do anything. Decreased energy and lethargic. Yea, we all get it around this time of year. Only way to kick start that drive again is to get up stay active and keep at it. You’re almost through the Holiday stress. We know cooking for 30+ is something you love to do but, not ideal. High stress levels can impair cognitive function and hinder performance. Might not hurt to have Vitamin B-12 in the house this time of year.

The Importance of Peace and Goodwill

1. Communication Breakdown

Holiday stress can negatively impact how we communicate with our loved ones. Lack of understanding, miscommunication.

2. Increase in Conflict

Elevated stress can lead to an increase in arguments and a strain on relationships.

3. Lack of Quality Time

Stress can cause individuals to become less present and attentive in their relationships. This can be a strain on your relationships.

The trend we’re seeing with increased emergency room visits due to sports or recreational activity related injuries is concerning. Combine that with the estimate of half a million military members who suffered a TBI between 2000 and 2020, and the potential long-term impact of TBI is alarming. It underscores the need for better awareness and early interventions to mitigate the risk of future cognitive problems.

Strategies for Managing Holiday Stress

Practice Self-Care

Take time for yourself, engage in activities you enjoy, and prioritize rest and relaxation. It is a hectic time and busy but, you need to make sure after you get the necessities done you get some down time for yourself in order to decompress. 

Set Realistic Expectations

Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to create a perfect holiday experience. Don’t over run yourself, set in place Establish

Establish Boundaries

Learn to say no to commitments that may add unnecessary stress. We know you want to be at every holiday party and maintain a good relationship with everyone who invites you but, in some cases it may be best to take that night off for yourself. Wind down and give your mind and body some peace and well needed rest.

Hope Brain Center's Approach:

  • Neurofeedback
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
  • ARRC Photobiomodulation (Low Level Laser Therapy)
  • 100% oxygen inhalation
  • Hydrogen Inhalation

Conclusion: Finding Balance and Creating a Peaceful Holiday Season

By managing stress, focusing on peace and goodwill, and practicing selfcare, we can create a harmonious holiday season for ourselves and those around us.


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