What to Expect with Your Neuropathy Treatment

Day 1 Consult + Exam

On your initial visit, you will consult with our Doctors about previous medical records and previous treatments. You will then undergo an extensive full body examination.

The examination process is a thorough full body examination detailing all neurological, orthopedic, and visceral areas to magnify all underlying causes of neuropathy symptoms. Our Doctors will then analyze all of the examination findings and review all previous medical records and create a unique care plan that will give you the maximum resolution of your neuropathy.

Day 2 ROF + Care Plan

On the second day, you will review the findings with our Doctors and start your unique care plan that day!

At-Home Therapy with Rebuilder

At Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center we also provide at-home solutions to your Neuropathy treatment. We utilize Rebuilder Medical technology. This technology is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Put your feet in the warm water footbath
  2. Turn on your Rebuilder
  3. Sit back and relax while the ReBuilder analyzes your nerves and rebuilds them

The Rebuilder helps by stimulating growth in the nerves. It uses specific frequencies that ‘talk’ directly to the nerves to encourage this growth. You just connect 2 electrodes to your foot and turn on the device. You can even sleep with it on.

Neuropathy Treatment in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

If you have unanswered questions about neuropathy and its treatment methods, or would like to take the first step towards an improved quality of life, reach out to the specialists at Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center today! Call our offices to speak with a member of our team, or schedule a consultation online today!