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Mold Infection on Brain, Body Inflammation. Mycotoxins in your Body

Discover the hidden dangers of mold infection and mycotoxins. Learn how they impact brain and body inflammation and the importance of prevention and detection.

Mold Infection and its Health Effects

1. Allergic Reactions and Respiratory Problems

Many people may go months or years without realizing they have been exposed to molds. Mold can effect breathing (respiratory system), allergies, itchy eyes, headaches, lack of focus. It can cause vestibular system issues, cognitive impairment, behavioral impairments etc..

2. Neurological Symptoms and Brain Function

Brain function is at large risk when we are exposed to molds and pathogens. Mold can cause neurological impairments such as brain fog, confusion, degeneration, and behavioral changes. Depression and anxiety can stem from these related issues.

3. Chronic Inflammation and Overall Health

The gut microbiome and brain interconnection is a bilateral system that effects the gut and the brain. What we ingest and what we put into our bodies is of direct correlation to how our brains feels. leaving us feeling fatigued, lethargic, tired and overwhelmed with the day to day life of simple activities and events. The bidirectional axis shows impact on our brain from what we may consume and have sensitivities to as well. Gluten and Dairy known as the two highest found sensitivities. These show direct designs of inflammation in the gut and brain.

Mycotoxins: The Hidden Dangers

Sources and Exposure Routes

Mycotoxins can be found in our food sources. We see many food sensitivities which many people may not think of. Common one found: Dairy, Gluten, Bananas, Black pepper. Hope Brian & Body Recovery Center test 95 IgG food sensitivities and 14 IgG major molds.

Exacerbating Inflammation

Excessive molds cause the cytokine response of pro inflammatory cytokines. This in excess causes an increase in inflammation. In time this exposure to mold can lead to autoimmune diseases and other viruses. When at risk for mycotoxins it may lead to toxicity of DNA damage and mutations, weaken the immune system.

Potential Health Risks

Candida has been proven to show a direct relation between axonal demyelination of neurons and neuroinflammation, resulting in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Irritable bowel syndrome, and other autoimmunity and neuroimmune diseases have proven to stem from mold and mycotoxins.

Detection and Prevention

Identifying Mold Growth

There is no simple one way to test for mold, in fact there is many. You can do a IgG molds profile test and find out if you have them within your body. First and foremost that is recommended. You then can find the source at which you have been exposed to it. Check your house for wet areas, mold spores, flooded basement corners. You can have it tested by a specialist and they can start to eliminate this through specialized home plans.

Effective Mold Remediation

Reach out to a certified flood or mold remediation specialist who can test for molds as well as safely remove them from your home and eliminate them at the source. This we stop the spread of the mold in your homes

Promoting Indoor Air Quality

Air purifiers can be used to increase and improve air quality within the house. You can also invest in a dehumidifier for those musty rooms that seems to hold moisture especially during the summer. Promote clean air by having your HVAC system checked and cleaned regularly (Bi-Annual)

Hope Brain & Body Recommendation

Hope Brain tests for Food, Molds and Heavy Metals. Once found that you have molds within your system we then advise a specific based protocol to detox and eat away the molds within you.

We use Candidase and Candex as two enzymatic supplements to decrease and eliminate the mold levels in your body.

We have other recommendations as well however, these are the two we have seen great first hand results from with our patients. Contact us today! We are located in Chadds Ford, PA!

Managing Mold Infection and Reducing Inflammation

1. Holistic Interventions

We take a holistic based approach at removing the molds from your body. Through this method we use Candidase and Candex as daily forms to eat away at molds in your system.

2. Lifestyle Changes

Simply put there is no lifestyle changes that you can take to eliminate mold in your body.

3. Integrative Approaches

While we eliminate mold from the body we should be partaking in better eating habits. We can eliminate foods that we know cause us to feel lethargic, cause headaches, or increase inflammation in the body. Realistically gluten and dairy could be a big attribute for everyone to remove.

Types of Mold and where they come from

  • Penicillium chrysog ENVIRONMENTAL – drywall and wallpaper
  • Cladosporium herbar: ENVIRONMENTAL – plywood and compressed chopped up wood
  • Aspergillus fumigat: ENVIRONMENTAL – non vented bathroom or old window AC unit, also flooding/water damage
  • Mucor racemosus: ENVIRONMENTAL –  household dust and carpets, ventilation ducts, and horse poop
  • Candida Albican: PATHOGENIC YEAST – takes over a non-healthy gut flora
  • Alternaria alternat: ENVIRONMENTAL- carpets & textiles Botrytis cinema: FOOD- moldy Fruits (eg, the gray fuzz on a strawberry)
  • Setomelanomma ENVIRONMENTAL/FOOD- old cereals and grains grows on farm crops, especially corn and can be released into the air during grain thrashing and inhaled
  • Stemphylium herbam- ENVIRONMENTAL- woodchip storage areas (school playground)
  • Rhizopus nigricans: FOOD – bread mold
  • Aureobasidi pullulan ENVIRONMENTAL – limestone, wood, household dust
  • Epicoccum purur: ENVIRONMENTAL – textiles
  • Fusarium Proliferat ENVIRONMENTAL – HVAC & humidifiers
  • Aspergillus niger: ENVIRONMENTAL – concrete and flooring material


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