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The Power of Brain-Based Adjustments

Dr. Joseph Schneider, a visionary in the field of chiropractic functional neurology, shares his life-changing mission of combining traditional chiropractic treatments with functional neurology for optimal brain health and recovery.

Recovery Journey

1. Overcoming Adversity

After a life-altering stroke, Dr. Schneider’s journey of recovery ignited a passion to heal hurt brains by leveraging the power of chiropractic adjustments and functional neurology.

2. Resilience and Determination

Following personal experience with brain trauma, Dr. Schneider’s commitment to patient care and unwavering spirit in the face of challenges shine through his work and dedication.

3. Empowering Others

Driven by his remarkable recovery, Dr. Schneider strives to empower his patients by promoting healing without medications or surgeries through his innovative treatment modalities.

Start of it all

I started studying functional neurology in 1989 with Ted Carrick DC, PhD, MS-HPed. Carrick has been a friend, mentor, and doctor after my stroke.

In the 1990s, at the beginning of my career, I had the opportunity to attend seminars with Carrick. These seminars were invaluable in honing my skills in areas such as eye movements, balance assessment, and metric movements. After each seminar, I would return to my practice and apply what I had learned. I would carefully observe my patients, paying close attention to their eye movements, conducting finger-pointed-at-nose tests to assess metric movements, and looking for signs of dysmetria, a condition associated with the cerebellum. Carrick’s profound lesson was to “know normal,” which became a guiding principle in my approach to patient care.

"Knowing Normal" - Dr. Ted Carrick

You know that saying, “When you choose to see the good in others you end up finding the good in yourself.” Being a doctor I like to see the good in others, the good of health. Obviously in many cases we have to be able to see the bad. This is where knowing normal comes into account. We see the normal, the good. However we also can find the good in ourselves as a patient reflecting on how to heal our brains and bodies. We can visibly know what something normal looks like, so when we see abnormalities we are able to treat for them by finding the good and getting to the root cause. Understanding patients through observations.

Hope Love

Visionary Treatments

Advanced Modalities

Chiropractic adjustments, functional neurology, and cutting-edge technologies like oxygen therapy and neurofeedback form the foundation of Dr. Schneider’s holistic treatment plans.

Dynamic Impact

Dr. Schneider’s focus on enhancing work relationships, reactions, household chores, and sleep aims to transform the lives of his patients through holistic and innovative brain treatments.

Hopeful Transformation

Striving to make lives vibrant and dynamic, Dr. Schneider’s visionary treatments aim to enhance the vitality and wellbeing of individuals seeking brain-specific rehabilitation.

My 14-year-old son came to Hope with AMPS pain. He also had many other symptoms from chronic strep and also mono. He had been through many therapy programs that helped him improve but nothing was helping him in return to regular life activities.

We started hoping in January of 2023 and after completing the program is back to life and being a kid. The doctors and staff are amazing, and we’re highly motivated to get back to himself. We are beyond relieved with the results and progress.

Innovative Technology

Accelerated Outcomes

The integration of the latest technologies such as interactive non-invasive imaging studies and vibration therapy accelerates patient recovery and brain health outcomes.

Patient Testimonials

Our clinic has video testimonials and google reviews from patients who have regained their health and quality of life through the transformative technologies utilized for brain improvement.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Emphasizing functional medicine and neurology, the clinic utilizes a holistic approach to place all pieces in order, tailored for maximum improvement for each patient.
Brain Trauma Recovery

Brain Trauma Recovery

1. Hidden Injuries

Patients seeking care may have experienced asymptomatic concussions, often leading to unnoticed brain degeneration over time, resulting in cognitive challenges.

2. Long-term Impact

Even years after brain injuries, patients may experience symptoms of dementia, brain fog, and emotional challenges, all linked to past trauma-induced brain degeneration.
Optimal Brain Health

Optimal Brain Health

1. Diagnosing Symptoms

A personalized and system-orientated approach traces each patient’s symptoms back to body systems, treated holistically and synergistically.

2. Customized Treatment

Individualized treatment plans are designed, considering the unique order and collection of symptoms for every patient, aimed at comprehensive healing and recovery. Getting to the root cause of the patients issues and solving them from the base up

3. Universal Support

Any traumatic point in life is an opportunity for improvement. Patients receive dedicated support, regardless of how long ago the brain injury occurred.

Personal Transformation

  • Synergy
  • Holistic Healing
  • Comprehensive Care
  • Empowerment
  • Optimization
  • Reclaiming Vitality 

Empowering the Community

Although the effect sizes are modest, the contribution of TBI to late-life cognitive impairment, in addition to other factors, may lead to the need for cognitive evaluations to identify individuals who may benefit from early interventions. The study’s findings suggest that early interventions may help slow cognitive decline, or potentially delay or prevent dementia.
Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

Dr. Schneider’s vision extends to educating and empowering other chiropractors to lead in brain regeneration through technology, research, and breakthroughs.
Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center

Expanding Hope

Through sharing his knowledge and experiences, Dr. Schneider aims to expand hope and healing opportunities for community members seeking alternative healthcare.
Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life

The community thrives with optimism, celebrating life and vitality through the transformative treatments and knowledge shared by Dr. Schneider.


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